Part 4 – Namaste

Before getting into this post I thought I would share the urban dictionary’s definition of Namaste with you, just in case you didn’t know I have hopefully taught you something new today.  I love this definition!

“An ancient Sanskrit greeting still in everyday use in India and especially on the trail in the Nepal Himalaya. Translated roughly, it means “I bow to the God within you”, or “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you” – a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness.”

So there you go, I salute you, my dear friend.

My new found love of yoga

I was 5 stone into my weight loss journey and found that I had hit that wall that everyone hits as they get closer to their target weight. So I decided to throw something new into the mix and decided to give hot yoga a try. I thought it would be a perfect way for me to de-stress, meditate, be more present and to burn some extra calories and OMG!! I loved it!! Working up a sweat and the heat was amazing!! I could feel the warmth in my bones. Perfect for someone like me who needs sunshine to even function…Lol

I would close my eyes and pretend I was lying on the beach in tropical climes. It was the perfect form of exercise for me physically, mentally and emotionally. Plus it started to ramp up my weight loss and the pounds started dropping off again.  So all was well, I was feeling great and spring was in the air, plus it wouldn’t be long before I was back in Jamaica again.

You really should give it a go, to my knowledge hot yoga is a fairly new phenomenon here in the UK and it is slowly making its way to the North of the country from London.  If you are interested in attending an amazing yoga retreat in the likes of Ibiza or Marrakech or yoga classes in and around London take a look at the Good Yoga Life and if you are based in and around Sheffield England, check out Hot Yoga Sheffield

The immediate benefits that I felt from the hot yoga were that it helped me to relax, improved my flexibility and the reduced the tension in my muscles.  I definitely saw an improvement in my energy levels and my sleep, it weirdly helped me to manage my sugar cravings too! So hot yoga was a huge hit with me! I also loved the friendly, earthy atmosphere of the yoga studio and being surrounded by like-minded friendly people. It almost felt as though I was tucked away in a safe haven, away from all the external stressors of life and it was far from the sterile atmosphere of the typical gym environment that I personally loathe.

Yoga after my aneurysm

When I returned home from the hospital there was a delay in me receiving physiotherapy treatment so I started doing some simple chair yoga as advised by my yoga instructor. Here’s a couple of chair yoga sessions that I did from the comfort of my own home.

More recently I attended my first yoga class in one whole year! I was so excited to be getting back to some form of group exercise that I enjoy, however even though it was a chill class I underestimated how difficult I was going to find it.

Since my aneurysm, I have been left with a weakness and loss of sensation in my right leg, especially my right foot. Therefore I found it incredibly hard to feel and grip the matt, meaning that holding the poses were not only difficult due to the strength I’ve lost, but also due to the numbness in my right leg.

Who would have known that a downward facing dog would be so difficult?! Lol I left my yoga class feeling incredibly frustrated, thinking it wasn’t this hard before even when I was unfit. It’s been nearly a year…why am I struggling so much! I felt so conscious of others being aware of how much I was struggling as the yoga space was so small that you were very much aware of everyone around you.

Afterwards, I gave myself a little pep talk and said,

“You know what you showed up and you tried…you deserve a pat on the back for doing just that and it will take time to get my full strength back in my right leg.”

I need to get back to doing my physiotherapy exercises daily.

So my advice to anyone in a similar situation is that you need to patient and kind to yourself and keep trying until one day you’ll notice just how much progress you’ve made, it may only be small but it doesn’t matter, it’s still progress!

Having a brain aneurysm is a big deal!! And remember the effects of a brain aneurysm are not always visible to the people around you. So others may not be aware of how difficult the simple things can be for you to do, especially if you have a positive attitude like me.

Sometimes I find having an overly positive attitude can be both a blessing and a curse…I’ll talk about this in more detail later on.

Namaste xx

February 7, 2018 7:30 pm

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