Working with the media to raise awareness

I have collaborated with several organisations to raise AWARENESS and to support brain injury SURVIVORS. 

Radio Sangham

Listen to my story from a new perspecttive and my thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic in a 10 part series.

“Enjoy life today, because tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.”

BBC Radio

Interview – Storytelling

Interview – Celebrating the 70 year anniversary of the NHS and my personal thank you the staff that saved my life.

The Naked Podcast

Listen to me talk recovery, afro hair and hospital selfies.

The Times Newspaper

My interview as part of Emilia Clarke’s (Game Of Thrones actress) feature ‘When a headache is an aneurysm.’

“I know we are the lucky one’s because we have survived. But part of me panicked when I heard that Emilia had a second aneurysm, and while it forces you to live life to the full, you are always worried that it may happen again.” 

The Metro Newspaper

Find out what it’s like when part of your brain bursts without any warning.

Headway Brain Injury Charity

More than my brain injuryMy 10 day photo challenge

Guest blog post‘The sad truth about relationships post-aneurysm’
Interview‘Being back home made me realise how fragile I really was’

Headway Covergirl Feature: