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When I’m not going about my daily life, I’m most likely speaking. Whether that be on a VIDEO, a RADIO interview or a PODCAST. 

My storytelling approach engages audiences of any size, and although I’m sharing my personal and serious life experience, I add a touch of humour and my personality really brings my story to life.  

This is my cup half full mindset, I can always find a positive even in the darkest of times.

“I have CHOSEN to SHARE my STORY to RAISE AWARENESS and to share how I have REACHED the PLACE where I am TODAY. Sprinkling my magic, POSITIVE ENERGY, love and LIGHT into the WORLD.”

I strongly believe that you need to understand where you’re coming from to know where you’re going in life, and unfortunately we as human beings often have to go through tough situations to learn, make an active change and to move forward in life.

You do not have to have personally suffered from a brain aneurysm to find meaning in my story or to gain some reflection and learning. And with this in mind, my talks are created with the audience at the centre.

“Danielle is a wonderful human and a brilliant speaker.

As part of the Sisterhood Social line-up of incredible women responding to the theme of rebellion, Danielle shared so generously from her heart.

I’m so grateful to have had Danielle speak at our event, it was a privilege to hear her share her story of courage and resilience with humour and a real knowing of how to connect with her audience.”

Julie Mitchell, Founder of Sisterhood Social

I was at sisterhood social last night and just wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing I think you are!

I was totally moved and blown away by you and your incredible story. What an amazing woman!

Thank you so much for sharing and wishing you all the love IP xxx

Attendee at Sisterhood Social

“We have received some really positive feedback in response to your presentation.

Many Occupational Therapists were inspired by your courage, determination and personal stories.

You brought to life the value that Occupational Therapy can bring to neurological rehabilitation.

Thanks for a thought provoking and stimulating presentation.”

Natalie Jones, Clinical Occupational Therapist In Research & Stroke Rehabilitation. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

“I was at your talk today. It was very insightful and informative on a professional level. It was also emotional for me on a personal level.

My husband had a Subarachnoid haemorrhage 5 years ago following a football accident.

I could totally relate to your journey and saw similarities.

Your positive out look was infectious.

My husband is going to look at your blog because I think it will help him look to the future with confidence.

Thank you.”

Attendee at the Occupational Therapy Conference at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

“Danielle’s story is heartwarming, scary, powerful and empowering all rolled into one, I was lucky to meet her!

When we met her enthusiasm and drive were evident and I was glad she agreed to be the client and deliver a case study. And she delivered!

Danielle stood for an hour and a half telling her story and answering questions to an enraptured room of over 120 engineers. It took real bravery and she shone through.

Not only that but Danielle helped with judging the students ideas and providing feedback. A true star!

That year we got 100% student course satisfaction. That says it all!”

Professor Alaster Yoxall
The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University

The main message I communicate in my talks is that you too can overcome adversity and I equip my audience with the tools to both build and develop resilience, a life skill that we should be taught and which is essential for going through this journey of life.  

Let’s be real, we will all face adversity and low points in life at some point, so we need the life hacks to help us when we are faced with challenging times

Most importantly I like to leave you feeling both inspired and positively uplifted!